Dementia-Friendly Home

Dementia-Friendly Home

Flixton Manor’s Décor is Designed to Improve Dementia Patient Care

Dementia Friendly care home
Dementia Friendly care home

Comfort and familiarity are essential to effective dementia care. As the personal choice for senior life, we ensure that our exceptional patient care covers not only their daily life, but the environment too.

The interior and exterior décor of our nursing and residential care home has been meticulously designed to assist in the ongoing patient care. Our dementia-friendly home is welcoming, accessible and has all the features required for patients to feel happy and safe.

Personalised Rooms

Our aim is to create a true home for our residents. We support and encourage the personalisation of individual rooms. Where required, we employ tradesmen to paint rooms in residents’ favourite colours, build shelves at a height for optimal accessibility, hang paintings, and include those small personal touches that make all the difference.

We’re happy to arrange for Sky television and personal phone lines to be installed in resident’s rooms upon request. The entire home is also fitted with WiFi, at no extra cost to residents.

Living and Communal Areas

Our day rooms are light, airy and spacious. Residents benefit from décor that has been specially-designed to reflect their favourite colours, making each room bright and inviting.

All communal areas are decorated with a balance of traditional and modern décor for superior comfort, taste and familiarity. The walls are adorned with a collection of artwork that perfectly complement the colour schemes of the home.

The Exterior

We have committed extensive time and effort to developing the exterior grounds and re-painting the whole building. Residents can stroll through gardens bursting with colour and life. Our Mediterranean-style plants stimulate intrigue and are eye-catching, making residents feel at one with nature.

The entire building was completely re-painted just a few years ago. Visually-stunning, sophisticated, whilst maintaining that welcoming homely feeling, residents benefit from living in a soothing environment.

Flixton Manor progressive nursing and residential care home based in Trafford. We have more than 25 years’ experience improving the quality of life for dementia patients. Learn more about us today by calling 0161 746 7175, where one of our friendly staff would be happy to help you.