The Four Pillars of Comfort for Patients Suffering With Dementia

The Four Pillars of Comfort for Patients Suffering With Dementia

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Comfort is one of the core psychological feelings essential to maintaining sound emotional health. Regardless of age, being blessed with a life rich in comfort is paramount. A state of physical and psychological distress, uncertainty and sadness can have a toxic effect on both long- and short-term health.

As we grow, we learn how to manage our emotions. Babies and small children need to be nurtured and loved to feel comforted. The act of providing comfort helps small ones feel secure and loved. These feelings are cultivated as we grow into and throughout adulthood.

When we reach our advanced years, most of us enter a period where comfort is similarly welcome. Sometimes, we can lose the ability to look after ourselves independently, becoming reliant on trained healthcare professionals to support us. Entering an old people home can be scary – but it can also be liberating, providing people with a dedicated personal and healthcare support system that is safe, nurturing and comforting.

But what of elderly patients suffering with dementia? A sudden switch to the unfamiliar surroundings of an old people home can be vexing and cause a jolt of concern in patients afflicted with this illness.

Moreover, as is the nature of the disease, it’s not uncommon for dementia patients residing in a Manchester nursing home to become very confused and scared at what they no longer recognise. Fortunately, the four pillars of comfort practised at Flixton Manor Care Home will reassure and comfort dementia patients.

Keep Patients Warm

According to standards set forth by the World Health Organisation (WHO), those of advanced age feel comfortable when in a temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius. This is, however, only a guideline. Some prefer a slightly higher temperature, others prefer a slightly cooler temperature.

However, personal preferences aside, it’s paramount that dementia patients remain warm and comfortable. This will minimise stress and anxiety. An old people home, like Flixton Manor Care Home, listens and responds to the environmental needs of their dementia patients.

Cultivate Familiarity

Patients who suffer from dementia occasionally need an anchor to reaffirm themselves with their surroundings. It can be scary to realise that you don’t recognise where you are. Having a collection of personal belongings, photos, trinkets, clothes or bedding can help nullify times of pronounced anxiety.

This reassurance can provide patients with a great deal of comfort. A learned Manchester nursing home, like Flixton Manor, will be able to anticipate the needs of patients suffering with dementia. This means managing pain – and any anxiety and uncertainty felt by dementia patients by cultivating familiarity.

Maintain a Comfortable Environment

In order to offer exemplary care for patients with dementia, it’s paramount that an old people home create a calm and comfortable environment. Care homes must carefully design their individual environments, paying attention to noise levels, lighting brightness and décor – including the colours and patterns of any walls or carpets.

Utilising specifically-designated quiet areas or noise cancelling environments are a great way to provide the necessary comfort for patients in elderly care. Maintaining the ambiance of these areas will also cultivate familiarity, something that’s equally important in the care of dementia patients.
Occupy a Patient’s Time

Another cornerstone of sound care for patients with dementia is the importance of keeping them occupied. Activities help to improve everyone the self-esteem of everyone, dementia patient or not, living in a Manchester nursing home. Inviting entertainers to come and perform for residents, taking day trips out, playing music or light exercise are great ways to occupy patient’s minds.

The key to the success of this type of personal-centric care is to be adaptive and putting yourself in the shoes of the residents of your old people home. If the summertime is here, for example, letting dementia patients sit in the warm of the summer sun can have a restorative effect.

Caring for elderly patients with dementia can be tricky. Good carers listen to and respond to the needs of patients, cultivate an environment that patients feel content in, and provide patient with appropriate stimuli. Here at Flixton Manor Care Home, this is exactly what we provide all our residents with.

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