Top Five Things to Do in Retirement

Top Five Things to Do in Retirement

As one-chapter end another begins. Retirement is a time for everyone to take stock of all that they have achieved, to derive joy from simple pleasures, to take time for yourself and cultivate happiness. For most retirement presents the first opportunity for decades – or since those carefree childhood days – that we have the time to do whatever we want.

At first, retirees can rush to the golf club, roll up their sleeves trying out new recipes, tend to their garden, spend time with dear friends and family, read a good book or take the odd afternoon nap – basically take life at a more leisurely pace whether living in one of the accommodating Manchester  nursing homes or in their own property.

But shouldn’t retirement be a time to try something new? To remain active and live a fulfilling and gratifying life? Of course. Here are some ideas for retirees to try once they’ve finally finished their working career.

See the World

Retirement is a great time to finally see the world. Whether you’ve always wanted to visit the Great Wall of China or have pined after a Mediterranean cruise for years and years, there’s no better time than to tick off locations on your travel bucket list.

Travelling at any time of your life is a great way to expand your horizons and have new experiences. You don’t even need to book weeks abroad at a time. A few long weekends in some of the more scenic parts of the UK can have the same restorative effect on one’s soul.

Try New Hobbies

Newfound freedom brings more opportunity to try your hand at a range of activities. Visit Flixton Manor, the premier old people home in Manchester, and you’ll see that we’re constantly encouraging our residents to engage in a range of hobbies.

Fancied yourself an L.S. Lowry or Picasso but never really had the time to indulge your passion? Why not partake in an art class or two? Enjoy nothing more than a walk in the great outdoors? Well, there’s no better time than to take in the country air as often as you want to.

Join a Local Interest Group

Not entirely dissimilar to trying new hobbies, retirement is a great time to join a local interest group. It’s not uncommon for retirees to find the sudden amount of free time at their disposal to be quite daunting. Nursing homes in Manchester, like Flixton Manor, will do their utmost to keep residents occupied but, still the days can seem awfully long when there’s little to do.

One of the best ways to keep yourself occupied and meet new people is to join a local interest group. Spending time with people who have shared interests is a great way to build good friendships. You could even indulge your passion for reading or film, bird watching or exercise all in the company of like-minded people.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy

Speaking of exercise, keeping yourself healthy is a great way to remain fit, strong and happy in your retirement. Physical health is paramount at any stage of life, but none more so than during retirement.

Remember too that age is no barrier to exercise. You might not feel able to climb Mount Everest – then again, who knows, you might! – but that doesn’t mean that you cannot reap the benefits of a little or a lot of exercise. A brisk walk or afternoon swim is a great way to replenish the body and mind, whatever your age – and something that we, at Flixton Manor encourage making our old people home recognised for positivity, health and well-being.

Spend Time with the Younger Generation

Now, before you dismiss the idea, hear us out. Having close friends and family members with similar interests, opinions and backgrounds demonstrates a plentiful supply of support, sometimes spending time with those of a younger generation offers a new perspective on life and everything that makes it so special.

Studies have shown that inter-generational communication is beneficial everyone. Not only that, personal communication prevents older generation from feeling isolated and lonely and is something that nursing homes who are both learned and compassionate should encourage.

Retirement isn’t the end. It’s the beginning. It’s an opportunity for everyone to have new experiences, try their hand at something new, and embrace life and all the people in it.

Try one, or all, these ideas, or make changes with some of your own, and you’ll surely be able to enjoy a happy and fulfilling retirement!