What to Expect On Your First Day in a Care Home

What to Expect On Your First Day in a Care Home

Anyone’s first day in a new environment can be jarring. Just looking around, trying to acclimate to new surroundings can be difficult. Arguably, we feel this trepidation most on the first day at a new school as children, and as we advance in our years and face a sudden or inevitable change in living accommodation.

There is much to adapt to when faced with a new environment. Easing the transition is paramount. Everything will be new. The noises, the odours, and the sights. For some residents, their first night in a care home can be the only change in living accommodation that they’ve had in decades.

As one of the most sensitive, resident-centric care homes in Manchester, Flixton Manor acutely understands the swell of emotions that residents feel on their first few days living in a nursing home. Interested in learning what to expect when first entering assisted care home living? Here’s how Flixton Manor will help you to settle in quickly.

When Moving Into a Care Home

On the day that you move in, Flixton Manor will be on-hand to give you full support. You’re also welcome to invite close friends or family members to help and support you throughout the process.
Your room will be set up and waiting for you to add those personal touches to make it feel as homely as possible. Prior to admitting a new resident, the staff at our skilled nursing facility comprehensively clean and tidy the room, taking pride in making it seem as welcoming as possible.

Residents are welcome to bring along their own furniture and personal belongings, such as a favourite chair or bedding. Pictures can be hung and placed around the room to make it feel more cosy and homely and residents will be shown their storage space to hang up their clothes and where they can plug in any electrical devices, such as TVs, tablets or laptops.

The care home manager will go through any paperwork, learning of care needs, ensuring that any necessary medications are available and explain how they will be administered. New residents will also be shown where the button is to call for help – and be introduced to the hospitality team who can show new residents to the different areas of Flixton Manor.

Your First Meal  in a Care Home

Few things new help residents in care homes in Manchester invoke initial feelings of comfort – helping new residents to settle – than the first meal. On your first day, our hospitality team will make sure that a nice meal is prepared for you, and that any special dietary requirements or preferences are known.

Relatives are welcome to stay and sit with their loved one as they enjoy the first meal in their new home. Social new residents are also welcome to introduce themselves to other residents – perhaps even striking up an immediate friendship!

Over the next few days, residents will be greeted by the hospitality team who will talk them through the mealtime menus. New residents are encouraged to tell us what they like so we can ensure their mealtime menus are always delectable.

Exploring Our Care Home in Urmston, Manchester

Depending on how you feel, in the first few days – or at least within the first week – Flixton Manor encourages you to explore our skilled nursing facility. Getting your bearings quicker aids a smoother moving transition, helping new residents to gain confidence with their surroundings.

Many residents will be given a tour of our facilities by their newly appointed caregiver. This is a great way to build a bond between you two and to remember where the dining and recreational rooms are found.

New residents will also get the chance to learn of the activities. These will be listed in your welcome pack, and it’s good to pencil in dates into your diary. Participating is a great way to settle into the new environment and meet new friends.

Every new resident and their relatives will also meet the general manager and senior nursing team again. Our team will be aware of your circumstances and what we need to do to make sure that your stay with us meets your specific needs and is enjoyable, however, it’s always good to meet the people in charge of your care.

Your first day – and the next few days – in a nursing home shouldn’t be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. One of the foremost care homes in Manchester, we at Flixton Manor believe in helping residents to settle in quickly by being open, honest, helpful and courteous, whilst understanding your unique situation and meeting all personal care requirements. It’s this ethos, laid out when you first arrive, that has helped use excel as one of the best elderly nursing homes in Manchester.

Flixton Manor is a skilled nursing facility that’s synonymous with progressive care. We have more than 25 years’ experience improving the quality of life of our residents. Learn more about us today by calling 0161 746 7175, where one of our friendly staff would be happy to help you.